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Our gardening podcasts

Welcome to our gardening podcasts, your one-stop-shop for all things plants and gardening related. Whether you’re a keen gardener or just getting started, we’ve got something for everyone.

Over the coming weeks, host, gardener and writer, Louise Midgley, will be joined by a series of special guests, giving listeners trusted advice, tried and tested techniques and handy tips to bring out the best in your garden this season.

Listen now and happy gardening

Podcast: Episode 17

Episode 17: Dobbies at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Louise Midgley is joined by Marcus Eyles and Dobbies’ Ambassador, Henry Agg, to talk about the Dobbies’ stand at RHS Chelsea Flower Show and the gardens that inspired them.   

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Episode 16: Protecting butterflies with Butterfly Conservation

Louise Midgley is joined by Butterfly Conservation’s Helping Hands Project Officer, Anthony McCluskey, who shares top tips on gardening for protecting butterflies and moths.  

Sustainable gardening podcast

Episode 15: Sustainable gardening

Louise Midgley and Marcus Eyles discuss the importance of environmentally-friendly products and practices, as we launch #sustainabledobbies

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Episode 14: Caring for garden wildlife with RSPB

Louise Midgley is joined by RSPB Conservation Officer, Alasdair Lemon, to discuss how we can make our gardens a haven for wildlife.

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Episode 13: Reducing food waste with Too Good To Go

Louise Midgley and Too Good To Go co-founder, Jamie Crummie, explore how we can all minimise food waste as well how to get your own ‘Magic Bag’.

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Episode 12: Gardening health benefits with Stroke Association

Host Louise Midgley talks to Claire Fincham, Prevention Manager at the Stroke Association, exploring how gardening can have a positive impact on those rebuilding their lives after stroke.

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Episode 11: Caring for real Christmas trees

Louise Midgley and Horticultural Director, Marcus Eyles, discuss all things about real Christmas trees: how they are selected, how to transport them home and how to maximise their longevity.

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Episode 10: Christmas styling how-to

Louise Midgley and Stylist, Rebecca Stanton, get into the festive spirit as they talk through brilliant Christmas crafts and styles that can be recreated at home.

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Episode 9: Christmas decoration themes

Louise Midgley chats with Christmas Buyer, Lynsey Abbot, as they explore Dobbies’ Christmas themes and what goes in to selecting our must-have Christmas decorations.

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Episode 8: Get your garden winter ready

Louise Midgley and Dobbies’ Horticulture Director, Marcus Eyles, explore gardening in the winter, with inspiration and advice on preparing for spring.

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Episode 7: Keen Britain Growing

Louise Midgley welcomes Pippa Greenwood from the HTA to talk about their #KeepBritainGrowing campaign. They explore why gardening is good for us and our local communities.

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Episode 6: Houseplant haven

Louise Midgley and Dobbies’ Houseplant Buyer, Claire Bishop, explore the wonderful world of houseplants, with what’s hot and top tips to make your home a houseplant haven.

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Episode 5: BBQ Season with Weber

Louise Midgley and Weber’s Head Grill Master, Dan Cooper, chat BBQs. A must-listen for anyone looking to make the most of their BBQ, whatever the season!

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Episode 4: Grow your own fruit, veg and herbs

Louise Midgley and Louise Golden explore how to grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs. Great advice on how to avoid common mistakes and what to do if you are just getting started.

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Episode 3: Gardening with kids

Louise Midgely and Louise Golden answer questions from some young gardening fans. They also provide fun recommendations on enjoying your time in the garden with the kids.

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Episode 2: Gardening for beginners

Louise Midgley and Louise Golden discuss gardening for beginners. If you’re a complete gardening novice keen to learn the basics, then this is the podcast for you.

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Episode 1: Get your garden spring ready

Louise Midgely and Marcus Eyles talk about all the things you can do in your garden this spring. Expert advice on the best produce to grow now and top tips on preparing your garden for the summer ahead.