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How to plant indoor bulbs

Several of our bulbs are suitable for growing indoors giving you early colour and fragrance indoors.  

Follow our step-by-step guide to plant indoor bulbs: ​

  • Plant the bulbs in your chosen planter (follow the instructions on the pack)​ 

  • Once planted, the bulbs will need a period of cool and dark (to simulate winter). This is usually around 8 weeks but check the pack for details​ 

  • Place in a cool (7-9°C), dark, dry and airy position. Keep the compost moist​ 

  • When shoots appear (after approx. 8 weeks) place the planter in a light, warm position (18-20°C) ​ 

  • Once in flower, move to a cool, bright position to prolong the flowering period. Turn occasionally as the flowers will grow towards the light​ 

  • After flowering, bulbs can be planted in the garden (with the exception of Paperwhites as these are not frost hardy)