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Summer Bedding Plants

You can’t beat summer bedding plants for a colour burst and fast results. There are so many varieties to choose from, you can have beautiful flowers from late spring through till autumn. Whether you’ve got a large garden to co-ordinate, or just need a few pots to add colour to your balcony or windowsill, there are endless ways to use bedding plants, making them one of the most popular additions to any summer garden.

Plant up some pots

Spruce up your patio or balcony with a few planted containers. Choose your plants and pots at the same time for a coordinated feel. Create a statement with several identical pots. Or go for an eclectic mix showcasing different varieties and colours. Terracotta pots or wooden containers will give you a traditional look, while eco-friendly plastics and bright colours will bring a contemporary feel.

Try a hanging basket

Mix and match bedding plants in a hanging basket to create a high impact feature to liven up a doorway, wall or fence. For best results, pack in as many bedding plants as you can. Position upright varieties like petunias or begonias in the centre, with trailing plants like lobelia or bacopa around the edges to create fullness and a waterfall effect. Remember to water the basket every day and you’ll get months of lovely flowers.

Brighten a windowsill

No garden? No problem. Bedding plants can help you make the most of whatever outdoor space you have. Choose a size and shape of container to suit and you can transform your windowsill or doorstep with beautiful blooms. Geraniums are always a good choice if your windowsills are exposed.

Know Your Bedding Plants

Impatiens Beacon

Busy Lizzies thrive in shade, so they’re a top choice if you want to brighten a shady spot. In pretty shades of pinks, reds, oranges, purples and white, this variety is ideal for bringing together lots of different colour schemes.

Know Your Bedding Plants

Begonias are happy to grow in most conditions, making them perfect for all kinds of spaces. This pretty variety has small red, pink and white flowers, contrasting with shiny, rounded, succulent leaves in bronze or green.

Petunia Frenzy

You can’t beat petunias for a spectacular hanging basket. Just a few plants create an enormous display, making them real value for money. This striking variety has blooms in vivid shades of pink, purple, blue, white and red.

Top tips for success

You won’t find a more low maintenance group of plants, but there are still a few things you can do to help bedding plants grow healthily and produce flowers for months on end.

  • Add water-retaining gel and slow-release fertiliser to the compost when you’re planting to give your plants the best possible start.
  • Keep on top of watering (usually once a day), and never let the compost dry out.
  • Snip off faded flowers to encourage new blooms to grow.