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Houseplant of the month: ficus

Get to know our houseplant of the month – the fabulous Ficus!

Ficuses are beautiful, diverse, and low-maintenance houseplants - it’s no wonder why they’re so popular amongst plant enthusiasts, even beginners. With eye catching leafy foliage, there’s not a room in your house that won’t be improved with the addition of a Ficus

Once you’ve found a Ficus that’s perfect for you, you’ll want to make sure it's being looked after correctly, so it can last for many years to come. We’ve pulled together everything you need to know about caring for your Ficus plant, plus some fun facts you can share with your Ficus-loving friends



Ficus houseplants can come as trees, shrubs or vines, all with different shapes, styles and sizes. There are so many popular indoor Ficus varieties, and each one has something unique to offer with its appearance, but here’s some of our favourites:

Rubber plant (Ficus Elastica)

This is one of the most popular Ficuses. It has broad, glossy, leaves in emerald-green or dark burgundy. It’s robust and easy to look after

Weeping fig (Ficus Benjamina)

A bigger Ficus variety that can grow up to 3m tall indoors. It has graceful, small leaves on the end of arching branches. Its variegated colours range from dark green to cream

Fiddle-leaf fig (Ficus Lyrata)

The striking leaves of this Ficus are crinkled at the edges with unique veining on the foliage too, making it a stand-out plant to have in your collection

Curtain fig (Ficus Microcarpa)

Looking for an indoor tree? Then a curtain fig might be the perfect plant. It can grow up to 4m inside a container and has vibrant green bushy leaves

Creeping fig (Ficus Pumilia)

The heart-shaped leaves of this Ficus variation look amazing trailing down from a high shelf or hanging pot. Variegated forms range from colours in mixtures of white, yellow and green


How to care for ficus plants

Ficuses can live for a long time and be very rewarding plants if looked after properly. Here’s a simple guide on how to care for your Ficus:

Light: They need bright, indirect sunlight

Water: Ficuses need regular, consistent watering. Let the soil dry out between waterings. In winter keep its soil just moist

Humidity: They like a warm spot with humid air, and struggle if they get too dry. You can regularly mist the leaves to help with humidity, or stand the plant in tray of damp gravel (particularly if the weather is warmer than usual)

Temperature: This plant likes to be kept at an even temperature at anything above 10°C

Soil: Use loam-based potting compost or peat free multi-purpose compost

Feeding:  You can feed Ficuses with a high-nitrogen fertiliser in spring or summer to encourage growth

Repotting: Your Ficus will only need repotted every few years when it outgrows its pot or becomes rootbound


A Ficus houseplant will suit almost every room in your home, but it's important to find the right spot for it to keep it healthy and happy

Place your Ficus near a window that gets bright but indirect light. Make sure this isn’t somewhere draughty or close to a heat source. Ficuses will lean towards sunlight so rotate it frequently


Fun facts about your ficus

  • Ficuses have been popular houseplants since all the way back to Victorian times – that's around 200 years ago!

  • The benefits of Ficuses go way beyond their looks – they can benefit your health too. Ficuses are natural air-purifiers which can boost your mood, improve sleep and increase productivity, making them great office plants

  • In colder months, Ficuses may enter a period of dormancy, where growth slows – but don’t worry! They’ll perk back up again in spring and summer

  • If you think there’s something exotic about a Ficus, you wouldn’t be wrong. They originate in tropical regions, which is why they love heat and humidity so much

  • In many cultures around the world, Ficus plants can be a symbol of strength, growth and wisdom