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Little Seedlings Activities

From getting mucky planting seeds to crafting ideas and yummy recipes, we’re here to help with Little Seedlings at home.


Fresh activities and ideas will be added each week and we’d love you to share your creations with us on Facebook and Instagram. Share them with us using #littleseedlings!

How to have a sunflower race

A sunflower race is a great way to get children into planting and something all the family can get involved with!

Easter nest cupcakes

Easter is the perfect time to tuck into chocolate and these Easter nest cupcakes are the perfect chocolate fix!

Meet the onion family

A vast, varied and fascinating family, the onion ranges from garden onions, shallots, leeks and scallions to herbs such as garlic and chives

The secret life of lawns

There's much more to lawns than meets the eye. Discover more with our puzzles and activities to keep your children entertained

Sense-ational Gardens

There’s lot to see, hear, smell and touch in the garden. Check out these sense-ational activities!

Buzzy about bees

Bee friends! Learn all about bees with a honeycomb wordsearch plus other fun for your little ones

Magic beans and peas

Learn to grow your own peas and beans at home. We also have some puzzles and games for you, we hope they’re not too easy-peasy!

Signs of spring

Spring has arrived, so why not spring into action and play these fun games and get crafty and make your own spring flower picture

Plants get hungry too!

Sink your teeth into these puzzles with our activity themed activity sheet

Perfect plants for Easter bunnies!

Get set for Easter and make this fun Easter bunny card and why not bake some delicious chocolate Easter nest cupcakes

Potty about potatoes

We all love potatoes right? Why not learn how to plant your own and make your very own Mr or Mrs Potato Head

Create a bedroom jungle!

Are you ready to get your hands dirty? If so, then create your very own mini jungle and keep busy with these jungle themed games and puzzles