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Ideas & advice


How to grow Begonias


How to grow Dahlias


How to grow Gladioli


Types of Lilies


Summer flowering bulbs


Gardening tips for January

January brings us the shortest and coldest days of the year, the perfect excuse to curl up in front of the fire making plans for the new gardening year


Create a striking Foliage Centrepiece

Surprise your friends and family this year with the most stunning, homemade centrepiece


Goats Cheese Bonbons


Baked Camembert with Roasted Grapes


Virgin Earl Grey Martini


Spiced Beetroot Tarte Tatin


Cheat's Cherry Trifle

Dobbies and The Antigua Barbuda Horticultural Society

The Antigua Barbuda Horticultural Society (ABHS)

Earlier this year, we embarked on our first international sustainability project with the Antigua Barbuda Horticultural Society (ABHS). 

Gardening tips for December

Gardening tips for December

The last of the leaves fall from the trees as our gardens slip into their winter slumber

Gardening tips for November

Gardening tips for November

As leaves fall carpeting the ground in a tapestry of fiery colours, structural evergreen plants start to take centre stage

Gardening Tips for October

Gardening tips for October

As autumn draws in on the garden, October brings warm seasonal colours to our beds and borders

Gardening Tips for September

Gardening tips for September

After the frenzied activity of the summer period, September is the perfect month to take stock of the flower and vegetable garden



Tips and tricks to get these tender beauties to thrive



Brighten your spring lawn with clumps of crocuses, planted in swathes



Perfect for windowsills and patios, learn how amaryllis will grow happily in a small pot

Snowdrops & Bluebells


Divide clumps of bluebells and snowdrops regularly to enjoy swathes and banks of blooms every spring

Gardening tips for August

Gardening tips for August

August is the time to relax in the garden enjoying long summer days. Watering is key this month



Versatile bulbs, there are plenty of options of how and where to plant Alliums to make beautiful displays



A springtime staple, there’s a daffodil for every occasion. Follow the tips below for glorious displays



Possible to grow in soil or water, plant your hyacinths in time to bloom beautifully through the festive period

Watering your garden

Watering your garden

Watering your garden is an easy but very important task. We have mapped out below some very helpful tips to hydrate your garden.

Weeding your garden


A weed is an unwanted plant that can be invasive. They can spoil the appearance of your garden and can harbour pests and diseases.

Gardening Tips for July

Gardening tips for July

Mid-summer and the garden is at its most colourful. The frantic rush of exuberant growth is past, and our garden plants show off their glorious foliage



The world’s most iconic horticultural event, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, is back in May for 2022, and we have marked our return with an inspirational stand

Gardening Tips for June

Gardening tips for June

Now that summer is finally here and daylight hours are at their longest, the garden will be putting on an exuberant burst of growth and flower


Dobbies donates indoor plants to Stroke Association

We are collaborating with one of our charity partners, Stroke Association, to show our support for Stroke Awareness Month, with the donation of indoor plants from our five star, award-winning RHS Chelsea Flower Show stand


Dobbies donates plants to Horatio’s Garden

At Dobbies, we’re committed to supporting charities on a national and regional level and we are proud to be collaborating with Horatio’s Garden by donating plants from this year’s five star, award-winning RHS Chelsea Flower Show ‘green sanctuary’ stand



Welcome to our gardening podcasts, your one-stop-shop for all things plants and gardening related. Whether you’re a keen gardener or just getting started, we’ve got something for everyone

Peat Free Compost


We received a trio of awards at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show


Garden Herb Pizza

Get the perfect pie every time with our pizza recipe, add home grown toppings from your garden and cook to perfection with an Ooni pizza oven  

Top tips for making pizza featuring ooni pizza ovens


Ooni Pizza Ovens have pulled together some top tips for pizza making to share with you whether you’re just starting your pizza making journey or you’re a seasoned pizzaiolo



We've teamed up with Weber to help you get BBQ ready this spring. 

Just pop in store for your chance to discover how to make the perfect pizza or epic steaks

Gardening Tips for May

Gardening tips for May

May is a fabulous month in the garden! Trees and shrubs burst into leaf and flower, cottage garden plants fill borders with their exuberant growth


How to make the most of food waste in your garden

Since Dobbies partnered with Too Good To Go, the surplus food app in February 2021, more than 37,500 Magic Bags of fresh and delicious surplus food have been bought from Dobbies’ foodhalls across the country


Outdoor Living

At this time of year, we’re all looking forward to getting back into the garden and out into the fresh air

Gardening Tips for April

Gardening tips for April

As the weather begins to get warmer and our hedges and trees burst into blossom, April is always a busy month in a gardener’s calendar


Gardening tips for March

The new season starts in earnest this month. Nature stirs into growth as the weather improves and the soil warms


Show your support for Ukraine by growing a Sunflower

We have teamed up with the Daily Express to offer their readers a free packet of Mr Fothergill’s Giant Single Sunflower seeds, as we show our support for Ukraine, with their national flower  


Roasted salmon fillets with a herby crumb topping

A delicious fresh fish recipe that's perfect for dining al fresco

Gardening tips for February

Gardening tips for February

As the days begin to lengthen, snowdrops and early spring bulbs start to colour the garden, a sign that spring is tantalisingly close

summer flowers

How to plant bulbs in pots

You don’t need a lot of space to grow bulbs – lots of varieties grow well in pots and hanging baskets, so you can add them to any garden

summer flowers

How to plant bulbs in the ground

Give your garden a colour boost by planting summer-flowering bulbs this spring

green lawn in front of shrubs

How to get your lawn summer ready

Our lawns are at the heart of our gardens - a place to relax, entertain and play with the kids. With just a few easy steps you can get your lawn into great shape ready for the summer season

young plants

How to plant young plants

Enjoy the sense of achievement & satisfaction of growing your own beautiful flowering plants to brighten up your borders, pots & baskets this season

young plants

Planting out young plants

Once your young plants are a bit more established and showing healthy growth, they will still need a bit of extra care to get them fully ready for planting out into beds & borders and your pots & baskets

indoor seeds

How to grow from seed indoors

Don’t worry if you don’t have a greenhouse, your seedlings will happily grow on a bright windowsill until they are ready to go out in the garden

Hedgehog surrounded by foliage

Top tips for reusing your real cut tree

We are encouraging people to think sustainably when they dispose of their real cut trees this festive season


Veggie stuffed butternut squash

A delicious Autumn dish that can be served as either a main or a side



Chomp through all your food and garden waste turning it into rich, organic compost your garden will love


Autumn Lawn Care

Now’s the time to treat your lawn to some TLC – it's worked hard over the summer and deserves pampering to see it through winter and into next year


Garden gin punch

A twist on a classic hot gin punch. It has a balanced blend of citrus fruits and it’s perfect for sharing on an Autumn evening


Not your average gardener awards

We are proud to announce the winners for our  ‘Not Your Average Gardener’ awards


Layered planting

Layered planting is a great way of creating a potted bulb display that’s full of colour and interest – it will also change and evolve as spring progresses


How to plant indoor bulbs

Several of our bulbs are suitable for growing indoors giving you early colour and fragrance

Italian sandwich

Italian picnic sandwich

A perfect sandwich for a summer picnic. Filled with salami, rocket, homemade relish and mozzarella, it has all the flavours of Italy that kids and grownups will enjoy


Bloomin Amazing

A unique triple action soil enricher made entirely from a by- product of the UK’s first commercial biomethane generating plant


How to grow runner beans

Planting and growing runner beans is the perfect activity for budding gardeners and experts alike. Find out how to grow your runner beans with Dobbies


World whisky day mint julep

Make a classic Whisky Cocktail, combining whisky, mint and sugar syrup, stirred to the perfect dilution with lots of ice

How to Plant Dahlias

How to plant dahlias

Dahlias make a delightful addition to any garden thanks to their bright colours and versatile shapes and sizes


Plant, grow, eat… Edible roses collection

Now you can plant a range of roses that don’t just look and smell gorgeous, they’ll tickle your tastebuds too


Our expert events

Welcome to our expert events. These virtual events aim to provide you with engaging tips and tricks, tutorials and live demonstrations across a variety of topics


Spicy cauliflower & bean tacos with pickled red onions

Make these tasty tacos for a Mexican-inspired feast. Pack your tortillas with delicious fillings, including spicy cauliflower, borlotti beans and vegetables


Healthy soil this spring with #sustainabledobbies

Healthy soil plays a vital role in allowing your garden to flourish. Not only does soil allow plants to thrive, but it also provides a great habitat for biodiversity, attracting a whole host of wildlife to your green space



At Dobbies, we are committed to educating about the importance of soil health and delivering environmentally-friendly practices and products, and sustainable solutions

How to grow tomatoes

How to grow your own tomatoes

No matter how big or small your garden space, this easy grow-your-own project is a great way to enjoy home-grown tasty tomatoes

Apple tree

How to grow an apple tree

Apple trees are one of the easiest fruit trees to grow and a focal point for any garden. They also have many benefits besides the juicy fruit they produce

Greek Quinoa Salad

Greek quinoa salad

This fresh, zingy salad has it all: colour, flavour and texture


5 top trees for small spaces

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a tree for a small garden


Mexican style summer salad

Spice up your summer with this simple Mexican-style salad

Herb Pyramid

How to plant a herb pyramid

No matter what size your garden space, it’s easy to grow your own herbs to use for cooking, salads, BBQs and herbal teas

How to grow your own strawberries

How to grow your own strawberries

No matter how big or small your garden, this easy project is a great way to enjoy delicious home-grown strawberries and get all the family involved

Windowsill Crops

How to grow speedy windowsill crops

Growing your own speedy windowsill crops is a great, low cost way to grow a variety of leaves and sprouting seeds

Hanging Basket

How to plant a hanging basket

A quick and easy garden project that’ll brighten up your outside space instantly

How to grow your own rhubarb

How to grow your own rhubarb

Rhubarb is a surprisingly versatile ingredient that is great for all kinds of recipes from classic crumbles to jams and compotes, or simply roasted or poached with spices and a little orange zest

How to grow your own potatoes

How to grow your own potatoes

No matter how big or small your garden, this easy and fun garden project is a great way to enjoy home-grown tasty potatoes and get all the family involved

HOW TO:  Grow a sweet pea wigwam

How to grow a sweet pea wigwam

Sweet peas are one of the UK's favourite cottage garden plants

How to grow your own garlic

How to grow your own garlic

Easy to grow, garlic is the perfect low maintenance crop if you’re new to growing your own vegetables



Scones are the perfect tea-time treat, whether jam-and-cream-topped, plain or slathered in butter

Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns

These classic hot cross buns are not quick to make but are well worth the wait

Summer Bedding Plants

Summer bedding plants

You can’t beat summer bedding plants for a colour burst and fast results

Cottage Garden

How to grow a cottage garden

The great thing about cottage gardens is that there are no rules. Just grow what you love to create a garden that’s uniquely yours

Alpine trough

How to plant an alpine trough

While alpines will grow happily in rock gardens and stone walls, a lovely traditional way to display them is in a stone trough

Easter nest cupcakes

Easter nest cupcakes

Easter is the perfect time to tuck into chocolate and these Easter nest cupcakes are the perfect chocolate fix

Veg in containers

How to grow vegetables in containers

No matter how small your garden space, many vegetables will grow very happily in containers, from shallow bowls to larger pots, window-boxes and even hanging baskets

Flowering Pot

How to plant a flowering pot

A quick easy and rewarding garden project that'll brighten up your outside space in an instant



Lasagne is a classic that everyone loves. Make this easy lasagne recipe to share with the whole family and everyone will love this classic Italian dinner



Learn how to make succulent beef burgers with just a few ingredients. Get inspired with this easy recipe for perfect homemade patties


Noodle salad

A deliciously light and zingy noodle salad with flavours inspired from all over Asia


No gluten fish and chips

You can't beat homemade fish and chips. It's a British institution and a national dish that everyone can't help but love


Chilli no carne (Vegan)

This vegan twist on a traditional chilli con carne provides a protein-packed, hearty meal that’s full of flavour

Meatless burger vegan

Meatless burger (Vegan)

This quick and easy veggie burger recipe uses chickpeas and sweetcorn to tempt even the most carnivorous of meat eaters. It's vegan too


Eggy brioche and bacon

Eggy bread, pain perdu or French toast - this classic breakfast dish has plenty of names and just as many options for toppings


How to grow onions and shallots

Onions and shallots are easy to grow and make the perfect low maintenance crop if you’re new to growing your own vegetables. They fit neatly in rows between other crops and don’t need a lot of attention except occasional watering

Mac and Cheese Toastie

Mac and cheese toastie

Macaroni Cheese has always been one of the well-loved classic dishes, but we have added a modern twist


How to plant an acid loving shrub

A quick and easy garden project that will brighten up your outdoor space in an instant. Whether you choose a handsome acer with stunning foliage colour or an evergreen rhododendron with striking flowers, you’ll have an eye-catching focal point that will look good for years