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How To Plant Amaryllis In Pots & Containers

Perfect for windowsills and patios, learn how amaryllis will grow happily in a small pot


How to:

  1. Soak the dry roots (not the bulb) in lukewarm water for about 45mins. Make sure to cut off any damaged roots before potting.
  2. Fill the base of your pot (at least 20cm) with multi-purpose compost, covering the drainage hole.
  3. Feed the roots into the pot, spreading them out onto the compost and fill in around them with more compost.
  4. Bury the bottom half of the bulb, so that it is secure in the pot. Water sparingly.
  5. Stand the pot in a well-lit position and keep the compost moist, but do not over water.


Tip - Amaryllis are great for the windowsill! Remember to turn the pot regularly to prevent the stems bending.


Amaryllis Care

  • Once your amaryllis flowers have faded, cut the whole stem off as close to the base as possible.
  • Water and feed them with a balanced fertiliser every few weeks to help build up strength for next year.
  • Make sure to give them plenty of light, as this helps the leaves generate energy.
  • To help encourage them to flower next year cut any old foliage back to the neck of the bulb. Move them into a warm position and continue to water them.


  • After every two to three years it’s a good idea to re-pot amaryllis bulbs for continued good displays.
  • Amaryllis tend to grow best in small pots, so don’t be tempted to re-pot into a larger pot.
  • After flowering, remove the bulbs from the compost and gently remove the compost around the roots. Then refill your pot with fresh compost and replant the bulb.