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young plants

Planting out young plants

Once your young plants are a bit more established and showing healthy growth, they will still need a bit of extra care to get them fully ready for planting out into beds & borders and your pots & baskets. 

young plants

Follow these simple tips below to make sure you get the best results: 

  • Wait until all risk of frost has passed (this may vary depending on where you are in the UK)  

  • Start by putting your young plants outside during the day when the temperatures are milder and bring them back indoors or to a heated greenhouse again at night.   

  • Continue to do this for several weeks to help to harden the plants off before planting them in their final position  

  • If planting these out into pots or baskets, ensure you choose a container with good drainage holes  

  • When planting up use a peat free potting compost for best results  

  • Mix water retaining granules into the compost to help with watering

  • Ensure you water regularly as these can dry out quickly on warmer days

  • Feed weekly for best results

Top tip:  Add slow release fertilizer to the compost when planting up