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Watering your garden

Watering your garden

Watering your garden is an easy but very important task. We have mapped out below some very helpful tips to hydrate your garden. 

Watering your garden
  • Moisture: ensure to maintain a good level of moisture in your soil. Allow plants to slightly dry out before watering, as this promotes root growth of plants in your garden.
  • Frequency: Aim to water deeper and less often. A good soak when required is better than a light, frequent watering. This will strengthen deeper root growth. More often watering but less deep can result in water evaporating and weaker root growth.
  • Roots: Ensure water reaches the roots. Avoid splashing foliage and flowers.
Watering your garden
  • Time: Watering early in the morning or late at night can mean less evaporation of water and allows plants to absorb plenty of water ahead of the heat during the day.
  • Balance: Be sure to water consistently around all areas of your plants to ensure even growth.
  • Pressure: Water should be given time to soak into the soil. Better practice is to water repeatedly in parts and avoid waterlogging. Too much water too quickly suppresses the breathing air of the roots.
  • Leaves: Keep leaves dry to avoid diseases.