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Mexican style summer salad

Spice up your summer with this simple Mexican-style salad. A perfectly healthy lunch or side to your BBQ. You can find the ingredients fresh from the Foodhall in selected stores.


  • Place a large pan or a griddle on high heat to get really hot. Then place the corn straight in the pan to char. Place a weight on top to help the process and rotate every few minutes until charred all over.
  • Wash and quarter the little gems, removing any outer leaves if needed. Then, for the last few minutes of the corn charring, add the little gems cut side down to the hot griddle. Turning over after a couple of minutes. Once ready set the corn aside to cool slightly and put the rest of the salad together.
  • Finely slice the avocado, chillies and half of the coriander. Place in a large serving bowl with the rocket and roughly crush over the tortilla chips.

  • Slice the kernels off the cob as close to the core as possible and add to the salad with the little gems.

  • Whisk the eggs with the milk, then add this to the flour. Mix until it comes together to form a soft, sticky dough.

  • Crumble over the feta and dress with the spiced mango dressing. Garnish with the remaining coriander leaves and serve with a few more tortillas and a lime wedge.