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young plants

How to plant young plants

Enjoy the sense of achievement & satisfaction of growing your own beautiful flowering plants to brighten up your borders, pots & baskets this season. Choose from a wide range of different varieties of flowers to suit your own individual style & experiment with different colour themes or stick to the ones you love.  It is a great early spring project and you can get started as early as February indoors or in a heated greenhouse. 

young plants

Shopping list

  • Your choice of young plants  

  • Small pots  

  • Peat free young plant compost

  • Gardening gloves  

  • Plant labels  

  • Watering can  

Step-by-step guide:

  • Fill a small pot with a peat free young plant compost for best results  

  • Make a hole in the compost, slightly bigger than your plant  

  • Plant your chosen young plant into the hole and firm down the soil around it

  • Water it in, making sure not to over water as this can damage young plants

  • Place your planted pots in a warm, bright, frost free spot 

  • Turn your plants regularly to ensure even growth