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Planting Crocus

Brighten your spring lawn with clumps of crocuses, planted in swathes


Neat & Structured

  • Use a lawn edging tool / spade to cut an ‘H’ shape into the turf.
  • Push the spade under the turf, cutting the grass roots, easing back a layer of turf.
  • Fork over the soil to break it up. Then spread the bulbs over the surface of the soil, keeping them spread apart. Plant the crocus corms pointed end up.
  • Push the bulbs down firmly. Then fold back the two flaps of soil to cover the bulbs
  • Walk over the turf to firm it down, making sure its level with the rest of the lawn. Water the area afterwards.

Random & Natural

  • Scatter handfuls of crocus bulbs randomly over the surface of the lawn.
  • Pick up each bulb and use a planter to remove the turf and soil (about 5-7.5cm deep).
  • Drop the bulb into the hole, keeping the bulb pointing upwards.
  • Replace the soil and turf, firmly into a position over the bulb.
  • Tread down, and water well, being careful not to over water the area.

What To Do After Flowering?

  • Let the bulbs complete their growing cycle before cutting the grass.
  • Leave the foliage to grow for about 6-8 weeks after flowering. This allows the bulbs time to build up resources to bloom again next year.
  • As the grass will grow quite long, if you need to cut the grass, mow carefully around the clumps of foliage. Avoid damaging the foliage at all times.
  • If you want the crocus to set seed, you’ll have to wait for the seeds to ripen and fall before mowing the grass.