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5 microgreens to grow indoors

Microgreens are the sprouts of leafy herbs and plants that are harvested at an early stage to give a miniature punch of flavour in salads and sandwiches

Packed full of nutrients, microgreens take up very little space, can grow as quickly as one week, and are an easy indoor gardening project for beginners - or those looking for something to do to keep their green thumbs busy

Check out our guide on how to grow microgreens

There’s a lot of varieties out there, so here are some of our favourite microgreens to grow to help you get started: 


This common herb is a kitchen staple and can be found in all different kinds of cuisines. Flavour-packed, the sweet-yet-sharp flavour is great in curries, soups and homemade salsa – even if it can be controversial!

Days to harvest: 14


This baby version is actually quite different to the bigger veggie we all know (but don’t all love). It has a peppery flavour and crunchy texture which packs a punch in salads and omelettes. It’s hard to think these tasty little leaves would have grown up to be broccoli trees!

Days to harvest: 7


With the same peppery, tangy taste as full-grown rocket, this is a favourite for salads, sandwiches, and wraps. Add this microgreen to your pizzas or pasta dishes right before serving to make them more nutritious and delicious

Days to harvest: 7


Basil microgreens have an even more intense flavour than the fully-grown plant, and they’re much easier to grow. The strong, sometimes sweet, flavour is perfect paired with anything tomatoey – try it with a mozzarella and tomato salad, pesto, pizzas… the use of basil is almost endless! It also comes in a purple variety, if you fancy adding some colour variants to your meals 

Days to harvest: 10


Small but mighty, kale is the most nutrient-dense superfood on the planet, and the micro version holds almost 4 times the nutrient levels than the fully-grown leaves! These microgreens are tough in texture, like cabbage, but tiny in size compared to the bigger kale leaves and have an earthy flavour. Add them to salads, stir fries, steam them, or pop them in smoothies for a stronger taste and health-boost

Days to harvest: 7