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How to create a herb planter

How to create an indoor herb planter

Fill your home with the aroma of fresh herbs with this DIY herb planter - ideal for brightening up your kitchen or dining room with some greenery. Use it as a centrepiece for your dining table or keep it handy on your kitchen counter and have herbs at your fingertips to add to all your favourite home cooked meals

As well as its functional use, this herb planter is all about scent-scaping; a next level way to decorate your home and set the vibe of each room. The natural, earthy smell of herbs can evoke feelings of calm to combat the busy kitchen atmosphere. It’s also said certain smells can remind us of fond memories. Maybe you want to remember that meal out beside the sea during last year’s summer holiday, or that romantic first date dinner with your partner

Whether you’re looking to enrich your home decor, get into edible gardening, or just looking for ways to be more economical in your cooking and reduce food waste, then this indoor herb planter is a deliciously easy way to start

Know before you grow:

In our herb planter, we’ve used thyme and rosemary, but you can also use basil, oregano, sage, chives, mint, or parsley as these are some of the easiest herbs to grow. Just make sure you’re choosing herbs with flavours and scents you enjoy

How to create a herb planter






  1. Fill half of your pot with compost

  1. Remove the herbs from their plastic containers, then position them in the pot, placing taller ones at the back. If the containers are biodegradable then there’s no need to remove them and you can plant directly into the soil

  1. Fill any remaining gaps with soil and water well 

  1. Place in a sunny spot in your home, like a bright dining room or kitchen counter



Our gardening expert's top tip:

Harvest a few sprigs of herbs regularly to encourage new growth