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Fragrant Flowers for your garden

Fragrant Flowers for your garden

Nowadays there’s more and more ways to create an enjoyable space in your garden where you can relax in the warm weather. One quick, straightforward way to elevate your outdoor experience is by filling your garden with scented florals

The flowers we grow in our gardens can bring us so many benefits and joy. When choosing which ones to plant, it’s important to consider varieties that won’t only make your garden look great but smell great too

Scentscaping with florals is an excellent way to add extra dimension to your garden and maximise the enjoyment you get from spending time in it. Fewer things are more peaceful than sitting back in a lounge chair or walking along a path and taking in the sight and smell of your flowers. Plus, a mix of floral aromas can help with mindfulness, evoke calm feelings, or even remind you of a happy memory, like a wedding day, or a loved one's perfume

Curating scented plants around your outdoor spaces - either in pots on a patio or balcony, or in your flower beds – allows you to make the most of your time in the garden, enjoying the diverse range of fragrances they have to offer. Check out some of our favourite fragranced florals to get started

Fragrant Flowers for your garden


Lavender is incredibly popular for its smell. It has a perfume aroma, which is soothing and relaxing - lavender is often said to improve sleep quality, and its dried leaves can also be used as potpourri for drawers and cupboards. It’s a perennial plant which flowers all summer - perfect for all those lazy summer days lounging in the back garden, sipping your favourite drink and soaking up the sun

Planting info: Plant in a sunny spot in free-draining soil


The most popular variation of Dianthus is called ‘pinks’ because of their pretty and colourful showy blooms in shades of baby pink, magenta and white. They’re an easy to care for addition to your scented flower garden that will give you slightly spiced, warm, clove-like smells for almost the whole summer. Dianthus also make good cut flowers, so you can bring the seasonal scents into your home too – read our guide on how to create a cut flower garden to learn more

Planting info: Plant in a fully sunny spot

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are best known for their fragrance. The aroma of sweet peas is floral and delicate, often described as being a combination of honey, jasmine and orange blossom. Its fragrance is more prominent on dry and sunny days. These flouncy flowers can be grown in pots or directly in the ground, and are easy to sow from seed too

Planting info: Plant outside in a sunny spot


Wallflowers come in many different varieties and colours - from cream to dark red - and have a pleasantly sweet smell. Surround yourself in their smells and colours wherever you’d like in your garden by sowing seeds directly into the ground in spring or summer. They’re super easy to grow, making a great gardening activity for kids too

Planting info: Plant in full sun or partial shade

Fragrant Flowers for your garden


Roses are popular for their scent and come in many different fragrances. Some are fruity, while others are muskier. However, some roses are more fragrant than others. David Austin’s English roses and our new Dobbies Rose Aromatique are designed especially to give you the best scents for your garden. Roses make perfect cut flowers too - bring the fragrance indoors, or gift a bouquet to a loved one and spread the cheer 

Planting info: Plant in a sunny spot


More commonly known as bergamot, the smell of this plant comes from its foliage. Bergamots' dark green leaves have a citrus aroma, with a slight spice and are often used in cosmetics and flavoured teas. Its bright red or pink blooms flower for a long period over summer, meaning you can truly soak in the scents of this gorgeous perennial

Planting info: Plant in full sun or partial shade


Stock flowers, also known as gillyflower, bring splashes of various colours as well as a sweet, spicy fragrance to all your favourite outdoor spots. With full, frilly blooms and tall stems, it also makes a beautiful cut flower – add a bouquet of gillyflowers to the centre of your outdoor dining table to elevate your summer BBQs and garden parties

Planting info: Plant in full sun or partial shade

Sweet William

Sweet williams come in many colours, from white to deep red – you can even get bicolour combinations. Their blooms are shaped like carnations and have a sweet, peppery scent. Grow sweet williams in a large container and you’ll be able to move them around your garden wherever you’d like - place them on a balcony, patio, or right beside your favourite relaxation spot to inhale the fragrance while you chill

Planting info: Plant in full sun