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How to create a spring centrepiece

How to create a spring centrepiece

Bring the new season into your home with this spring-themed centrepiece, made with everyone’s favourite spring flowers

 Spread some spring cheer and add a splash of colour to your table which compliments the rest of your decor. By using potted spring flowering bulbs, you can watch your centrepiece come to life in real-time. Plus, have beautiful blooming flowers on display for the rest of the season

Simply follow this how-to guide to show off your creative skills and have the most Instagrammable addition to the heart of your dining table this spring

How to create a spring centrepiece



How to create a spring centrepiece



  1. Pick your pot – pastel yellows, pinks and blues are perfectly spring-themed colours, or choose a more neutral tone to really make your chosen flowers pop 

  1. Scatter gravel at the bottom of your pot to help with drainage

  1. Arrange your choice of potted spring bulbs on top, placing the taller flowers at the back

  1. Fill the remaining gaps with compost and gently firm down the soil to make sure everything is sitting comfortably

  2. Add additional plants on the topsoil, such as moss, as a finishing touch to really bring your centrepiece to life

  3. Water your bulbs when the soil starts to feel dry

Our gardening expert's top tip:

Water your flowers the day before making your display to help them adjust when transferred into the pot