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Bulb Lasagne


If you’re looking for a unique way to show off your favourite flowers this summer, then why not try this fun, easy, and visually rewarding planting project?  

Planting bulbs in pots can diversify your garden displays or brighten up your balconies and patios. While you’re looking over your gardening calendar to plan your growing year, or perhaps even getting ready to start planting your summer flowering bulbs, add a bulb lasagne to your list of spring projects   

It’s a great way to create a long-lasting lively show of summer flowers all season long with as many different varieties of bulbs as you like  





It might sound strange, but it’s not what you think! ‘Bulb lasagne’ is just a fun gardening term for layered planting, where bulbs are planted in two or more layers in the same pot. The idea is that as the season progresses, the bulbs grow and flower at different times, giving you months of non-stop colourful displays  

TOP TIP FOR PLANTING BULBS: Add bedding flowers such as pansies or violas to bring instant colour to your pot or container while you’re waiting for your bulbs to sprout up. Decorative gravel or grit would also work and add a bit of modern decor, and as a bonus it deters rodents from digging up your bulbs to snack on!  


  • A deep pot or container – you should get 3 layers of bulbs in a 30cm deep pot  

  • Miracle-Gro Bulb Fibre peat-free compost  

  • Horticultural grit and/or crocks  

  • Your choice of summer flowering bulbs – in our guide, we've used Dahlia Bright Eyes for the bottom layer, Gladiolus Acidanthera for the middle, and Lily of the Valley for the top layer. These bulbs grow at roughly the same rate, so you’ll have a fully packed pot  



Dahlia Bright Eyes


STEP 1: Add horticultural grit or crocks at bottom of your pot – this is to help with drainage and to stop compost falling out of any drainage holes at the bottom. Fill the pot around 3/4s full of compost  

STEP 2: Plant the Dahlia Bright Eyes in the centre of the bottom of your pot (follow our how to plant summer flowering bulbs guide for more details on planting correctly). Cover this layer with compost, then water  

STEP 3: For the second layer, create a ring around the outer edges of the pot with Gladiolus Acidanthera bulbs. Again, cover these with soil so that just the tips are showing and water  

STEP 4: Finally, sprinkle the top layer of your bulb lasagna with Lily of the Valley. Cover these bulbs with an inch of compost  

STEP 5: Continue to gently water your bulb lasagne once planted – the compost should be kept damp, but not wet. Check it once a week and remember it might need watered more regularly in dry weather. Place the pot in a sheltered spot (like against the wall of your house or patio). When green shoots start to appear, move the pot to a sunny spot  




  • Make sure to check the details on your bulb packets for information on when and how to plant and when the bulbs flower so you can plan your combinations correctly   

  • If this is your first time trying to plant a bulb lasagne, starting with 2 layers is easiest while you get the hang of it. Don’t worry – your display will still look amazing even with a couple of layers! But if you’ve got a large pot and you’re feeling confident in your gardening abilities, go for 3 layers  

  • Whatever bulbs you choose, make sure to plant the largest and latest flowering bulbs in the deepest layer of your pot, moving to the smallest and earliest as you get to the top  

  • Bulbs can grow around each other, so don’t worry if you think you’ve put a bulb on top of another bulb  

  • Placing your container on pot feet can help it drain properly