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summer flowers

How to plant bulbs in the ground

Give your garden a colour boost by planting summer-flowering bulbs this spring. They couldn’t be easier to grow and are just the thing to try if you’re new to gardening – simply pop them in the ground and wait for them to spring to life and flower. Summer bulbs are available in no end of shapes, colours, and sizes too, meaning you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your garden and taste. They also flower at different times – all the way from June to August – so it’s possible to get a near-endless spring display with a bit of planning.  

summer flowers

What you’ll need:

  • Summer-flowering bulbs 

  • Hand trowel 

  • Horticultural grit 

  • Plant label and pen 

Step-by-step guide: 

  • Place your bulbs on the ground to work out where you want to plant them. Space evenly and group in blocks or drifts for a natural look

  • Now it’s time for planting your bulbs. Do one at a time and start by digging a hole that’s roughly twice the depth of your bulb

  • If you have very wet or heavy soil, put a layer of grit in the bottom of your hole. This will prevent the bulbs rotting during the winter

  • Add a bulb to the hole, making sure the pointy end is facing upwards. Fill the hole with soil to cover the bulb. Repeat with the remainder

  • Add a plant label to the area where the bulbs are planted – this will act as a reminder and stop you digging them up once they have finished flowering