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Create a houseplant haven with Phillip

Create a houseplant haven with Phillip

Phillip Stewart, a Digital Learning Consultant by day and houseplant parent by night from Magherafelt, was the winner of our Creative Indoor Gardener category in our Not Your Average Gardener Awards

Phillip has always had a passion for houseplants and a real appreciation for the varieties that can be grown at home. Having houseplants at home can really complement an interior space, and that’s exactly how Phillip first got interested in starting his collection

Hoping to encourage the nation to become houseplant parents themselves, Phillip shares some tips and tricks when starting out your collection  

  • Pick a room in your home and start thinking about locations - do you have a sunny corner in the lounge, a coffee table in need of a spruce up or a windowsill or mantlepiece which a gorgeous trailing plant would complement 

  • Get researching and speak to the horti community! If you’re a little unsure of what plants are best suited to certain conditions, take to Google. I also learned heaps about plant varieties by watching YouTube videos, nipping along to my local Dobbies and even joining social media groups specifically for the houseplant community. I’ve also found myself feeling very inspired by the gardening community on social media and love seeing the beautiful creations from Japanese Garden Designer, Kazuyuki Ishihara 

  • You don’t need to know everything to give this hobby a go and a lot of my experience has been through trial and error. You’ll start to get an understanding of the types of plants that work for your space, and I’ve learnt to avoid dark shiny leaves for my particular indoor space. I avoid putting my houseplants on south facing windows  

  • Houseplant feeding schedules vary. Succulents need a little water every few weeks, whereas Peace Lilies need a good moist soil. The best way to keep on top of this is to go by the look and feel of your houseplant. If it is looking limp and the soil is dry to touch, it needs a good soak. I like to use leftover cold tea to reduce excess water consumption. If I know it’s going to pour down outside, I’ll often sit all my houseplants outside to allow them to get a good soaking 

  • Houseplants are much more resilient than you might think, so don’t over fuss them. Start with one houseplant and see where it takes you 

Houseplants are a beautiful way to decorate and transform your interiors. They are also proven to enhance your mood and certain varieties have air purifying qualities


Head along to your local store for inspiration and speak to our team of experts about the best houseplants for your space


Not Your Average Gardener Awards

Create a houseplant haven with Phillip