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Super Sunflowers

Super Sunflowers

Sunflowers are bright, cheerful flowers that are sure to add a splash of colour to any garden. Heat tolerant and resistant to pests, sunflowers are also incredibly useful! March is the perfect time to plant sunflowers, so let’s learn about what makes them so super…

Super sunflowers

What makes sunflowers super?

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Grow your own sunflower

Grow your own sunflower

Brighten up your garden by planting and growing your very own sunflower. They’re best planted in spring as they can take up to 13 weeks to grow, so now is the perfect time!

Sunflower seed butter

Make homemade sunflower seed butter

We can enjoy eating sunflower seeds as they are, sprinkled on top of meals, or added to soups and smoothies. But did you know that sunflower seeds can also be blended into a butter? This is a tasty way to enjoy these scrumptious seeds and it’s so easy to make in just three simple steps! Let’s get started…

Super Sunflowers


Do you want to learn what makes a sunflower so super? Find out with these fascinating flower facts!