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Little seedlings strawberry card images

Amazing strawberries

Take a closer look at the strawberry and discover how to grow, look after, and pick them, as well as looking at some of the ways home-grown strawberries can be used in food and drink.


Growing your own strawberries

Home-grown strawberries are super tasty, and easier to grow than you may think. It doesn’t matter how much space you have, they can even be grown in a pot – let’s give it a go!



Strawberries don’t just taste amazing, they also have lots of different meanings and talents. Check out our facts and share them with your friends and family


Amazing strawberries

Strawberries are a great fruit to grow in your garden because they can be planted lots of different ways – in the ground, in pots, containers, and even hanging baskets


Baking sweet strawberry cookies

Strawberries are very tasty on their own, but they are also yummy when you use them in baking. So, let's collect your home-grown fruit and get creative in the kitchen