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Wonderfully wild birds

From the tops of the trees to our rivers and meadows, flying overhead or chirping in our gardens – wild birds are all around us. Let’s learn more about our feathery friends and what makes them so unique!


What makes a bird a bird?

There are over 10,000 different types of bird in the world, ranging from huge ostriches to tiny hummingbirds, and they all have certain things in common


Make your own bird feeder

With winter around the corner and food in short supply, these fun homemade bird feeders are an easy way to keep our feathery friends happy all year round


Become a birdwatcher

Birds are everywhere, so anyone can become a birdwatcher. Try this fun activity with your friends and family and see how many birds you can spot!



Want to get to know birds a little better? Check out these fun facts and share them with your friends and family


Bird Spotting guide

Go Wild with Peckish and discover what birds you can see when you're out