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The wonder of weeds

Many people don’t class weeds as wonderful, but these wild plants are a lot more beautiful and useful than you may think. Let’s learn all about the wonder of weeds and how they spread their seeds


Wild Weeds

A weed is not a particular type of plant, it’s
simply a plant that grows in the wild. It’s a
plant that is not planted on purpose.



A wonderful way to prepare your garden for spring is to get rid of any weeds that you don’t want. This might be because they’re growing on your lawn or in between the cracks in your path.


Paper Daisy Chains

Making daisy chains is one of our favourite
summer activities, but since it’s still a bit chilly outside, we can brighten up our home with some simple paper crafts



Discover some wonderful facts about weeds that will make you see these wild wonders in a completely differently light