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It’s National Picnic Month

Pack up your picnic basket and head out to your local park or beauty spot! July is National Picnic Month, a celebration of all things outdoors. To help you get involved, we've created a bunch of activities - let's get started!


Perfect Picnic Growers

Picnics are even more enjoyable when you’re tucking into fresh fruit and veggies that you’ve grown yourself.



We’ve been hunting down some interesting picnic facts. Which ones will you use to impress your friends and family?

Picnic month

Growing edible flowers at home

Surprisingly, there are a few flowers in our gardens that work just as well on our plates.

Picnic month

Super-stacked sandwiches

Looking forward to a summer filled with fun picnics in the outdoors? So are we! And we have the perfect recipe to jazz up your sandwiches.