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Garden Watering

garden watering

Welcome to the exciting world of watering! This month we’re learning all about how plants drink and use water to grow big and strong 

Garden Watering

learn about garden watering

We'll discover the secrets of how plants quench their thirst and create their own food. We'll also explore why watering our gardens is so important and how we can all do our bit to be water wise in our own homes and gardens 

Garden Watering

Garden Watering Adventure

Ready to be a plant superhero? Follow these steps to explore your garden and help give thirsty plants the water they need to thrive

Garden Watering

Make Your Own Recycled Rain Gauge

A rain gauge measures how much water our gardens are getting naturally from the rain – you can also use it to collect extra water for your plants. Here we’ll show you how to make your own using simple materials you can find around the house

Garden Watering Factsheet


Learn even more about watering your garden with these fun facts you can share with family and friends!