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Garden Senses

Garden Senses

By using our five senses in the garden, we can enjoy the wonders of nature and experience the magic of living things

Garden Senses

learn about our senses

Let’s discover more about our eyes, ears, taste, touch and nose and how we can use them to explore our gardens!

Garden Senses

Garden senses scavenger hunt

This special sensory scavenger hunt is a great way to enjoy your garden or green space in a whole new way. Get your family and friends involved and see how many things you can find

Garden Senses

Create your own petal perfume

Creating your own petal perfume can be a fun way to explore our sense of smell. Here's a simple guide for you to make your very own special perfume using flower petals from your garden

Garden Senses Factsheet


Learn even more about garden senses with these fun facts you can share with your friends and family!