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Seed gathering in partnership with The Tree Council

Seed gathering in partnership with the tree council

This month we’re celebrating Seed Gathering Season with our nature-loving friends at The Tree Council. We’ll be learning all about super seeds and how important they are to our environment

Learn about seeds

learn about seeds

We’ll look at some of the different kinds of seeds we can find out and about in our gardens and parks, as well as how those seeds travel and grow

Seed spotting

Seed spotting

Are you ready to become an amazing seed spotter? This is the perfect way to explore the garden or your local park to find some special seed treasures

Grow your own tree

Grow your own tree

Plant your gathered acorns and watch them grow! With the right care, acorns can grow into tall oak trees, and you only need a few simple supplies

Seed Gathering Factsheet


Learn even more about seed gathering with these fun facts you can share with your friends and family!