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Super sunflowers

What makes sunflowers super?

Sunflowers are bright, cheerful flowers that are sure to add a splash of colour to any garden. Heat tolerant and resistant to pests, sunflowers are also incredibly useful! March is the perfect time to plant sunflowers, so let’s learn about what makes them so super…


They attract lots of important pollinators to our garden. A sunflower’s fuzzy brown centre is actually made up of lots of small ‘florets’ which together produce a large ‘false flower’. This is more easily seen by the birds and insects that pollinate it


Sunflowers are edible. They can be eaten as a healthy snack and are known for absorbing harmful toxins. The flower can also be used to make a useful oil containing vitamin D, which is known as the sunshine vitamin

What do sunflowers look like?


Did you know that not all sunflowers are yellow? They also come in many beautiful shades of red, orange, maroon, and even purple!

Sunflowers can also vary greatly in size.

The largest ones can grow all the way up to 15 feet, but the smallest might only measure 1-2 feet

The parts of a sunflower

Plants have different parts to them, just like we do. We have different body parts such as arms, legs, and a mouth. A sunflower has many parts too and they all do different jobs.

Let’s learn some more about each part…