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Grow your own sunflower

Grow your own sunflower

Brighten up your garden by planting and growing your very own sunflower. They’re best planted in spring as they can take up to 13 weeks to grow, so now is the perfect time!

Grow your own sunflower

To get started, you’ll need:

  • Sunflower seeds

  • Multipurpose compost

  • Pot (size dependent on sunflower variety)

  • Watering can

Grow your own sunflower

Step 1: Prepare your pot

  • You can choose to plant your sunflower in a pot, or you can plant it directly into the ground (as long as the final frost has passed)
  • The size of pot will depend on the variety of sunflower you choose to plant. If you’re planting a tall variety of sunflower, you’ll need a larger pot
  • Put some multipurpose compost into your pot. Make sure you leave enough room at the top (around 1cm) for more compost later
Grow your own sunflower

Step 2: Plant your seeds

  • Insert a sunflower seed into the soil, pointy edge down
  • Give it a gentle push with your finger until it disappears beneath the soil
  • Add a sprinkle of compost on top
Grow your own sunflower

Step 3: Look after your sunflower

  • Water your sunflowers and (once the final frost has passed) place them in sunny spot in your garden. Or keep them in a bright spot indoors for a little longer
  • As their name suggests, sunflowers love to be in full sunshine. The more sun they receive, the more they grow!
  • Make sure to water your sunflowers every day until you see the seed sprouting, moving to weekly watering as they grow larger

Sunflower Growth Chart

Watching your sunflower grow strong and tall is a lot of fun. Here’s a handy chart that you can use to track your sunflowers growth each week:

Sunflower growth chart
Grow your own sunflower

We’d love to see how your sunflowers are growing!

Send us pictures of your sunflower as it grows along with its height every few weeks. Share your first picture and height with us on week 2, then again on week 4, week 8, and week 12. It’ll be so interesting to see how your sunflower changes!

Download your very own sunflower growth chart

Share your photos and height data with us using #DobbiesLittleSeedlings. Don’t forget to tag us!

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