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Grow your own tree

Grow your own tree

Have you gathered some acorns from the garden? Why not have a go at planting them and watching them grow! With the right care, acorns can grow into tall oak trees, and you only need a few simple supplies:

Grow your own tree

To get started you'll need:

  • An acorn (you can find these under oak trees)

  • A small pot or cup

  • Potting soil

  • Water

  • A sunny windowsill

Grow your own tree

Let’s get planting!

Step 1:  

Find a clean, small pot or cup with holes at the bottom for water to drain

Step 2:  

Fill the pot with potting soil, leaving a little space at the top

Grow your own tree

Step 3: 

Gently push the acorn into the soil, pointy side up. Just a little bit, not too deep!

Step 4: 

Use a little water to make the soil damp but not too wet

Step 5: 

Put your pot near a sunny window. Acorns love sunlight!

Grow your own tree

Step 6: 

Water regularly to keep the soil damp

Step 7: 

Check your acorn every day. It might take a while to sprout

Grow your own tree

Step 8: 

As your acorn grows, you might need to transplant it to a bigger pot

For more tips on looking after your tree, check out The Tree Council’s Young Grower’s Guide here!

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