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Seed spotting

Seed spotting

Are you ready to become an amazing seed spotter? This is the perfect way to explore the garden or your local park to find some special seed treasures. For this activity, we'll use The Tree Council's seed spotter guide to help us know what we find. Let's get started!

Seed spotting

To get started you'll need:

  • The Tree Council Seed Spotter Guide

  • A small bag or container to collect your seeds

  • A magnifying glass (optional)

  • A notepad and pen

Seed spotting

let's go seed spotting

Step 1:  

Walk around the garden or the park and keep your eyes wide open. Look on the ground, under trees, and even near flowers. Seeds can be hiding in the most unexpected places

Seed spotting

Step 2: 

When you find a seed, gently pick it up and put it in your bag. Remember, seeds are like nature's little secrets, so treat them with care

Step 3: 

Notice the seed's shape, colour, and size. Is it round, flat, or maybe even spikey? You can use your magnifying glass to take a closer look

Seed spotting

Step 4: 

Look at the pictures in the guide and try to find the seed that looks just like the one you found

Step 5: 

Keep track of your discoveries in your notepad – you can even have a go at drawing them

Have a great time seed spotting, and don't forget to say thanks to the trees and plants for sharing their secrets with you!

Share photos of your seed spotting adventures using #DobbiesLittleSeedlings and remember to tag us!

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