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MoVe Gabby's Dollhouse 2 in 1 10" Training Bike DTC

Product code: 962338


Get ready for a purr-fectly delightful ride with the Gabbys Dollhouse 2-in-1 10" Training Bike! This bike is the cat's meow, featuring Gabby's adorable feline friends and vibrant graphics that whisk you away to a world of whimsy.

This bike offers two modes of play. In mode one, little ones can pedal away with the help of training wheels, steering their way through kitty-tastic adventures. Then, in stage two, it's time to paws and enjoy the thrill of balance biking as the training wheels come off, allowing young riders to glide with the grace of a playful kitten.

Featuring puncture-proof tires and adjustable saddle and handlebar heights, this bike ensures a smooth and comfortable journey for all little explorers.

So, let's unleash our inner cat-titude and pedal our way to endless fun in Gabby's Dollhouse!