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Hydrangea Macrophylla Pink 5ltr

Product code: 954758


The Hydrangea Macrophylla Pink is a captivating garden addition that exudes charm and beauty. Known for its abundance of delicate pink blooms and lush foliage, this compact shrub is a delightful choice for both novice gardeners and seasoned enthusiasts.

Overflowing with grace and allure, our Hydrangea Macrophylla Pink shrub showcases large, mophead flowers that bloom in varying shades of pink, creating a captivating spectacle throughout the flowering season. Its glossy green leaves provide a rich backdrop, accentuating the vibrancy of the blooms and lending an air of elegance to any garden or outdoor space.

Please note that all our plants come in simple plastic pots unless otherwise stated in the product name. If you wish to pot yours up we do have a wide range of pots to choose from.

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