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TP Wooden Deluxe Fun Potting Bench

Product code: 942654


What is better than serving up dinner with vegetables grown in your own garden? The TP Wooden Deluxe Potting Bench gives children their very own garden station where they can experience the joy of taking a seed and turning it into something beautiful.

The TP Wooden Deluxe Potting Bench is packed with a variety of unique play accessories to keep little hands busy. The raised bed is perfect for little ones who want to grow their own plants, with the attached trellis allows plants to continue growing tall with added support. The small coldframe box is the perfect space to protect young seedlings and the viewing window lets curious children watch how their vegetables are growing. The built-in water butt makes it super easy for children to water their plants. There's plenty of storage space so kids can keep everything they need to grow, in one place.