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Tomato Rubylicious Seeds

Product code: 732694


Old meets new with the Tomato Rubylicious that captures the wonderful taste of traditional cherry tomatoes, whilst adding increased disease and pest resistance, resulting in a reliable plant that is full of flavour! This variety has a brilliant resistance to blight, as well as other common pests and diseases, greatly increasing the longevity of your plant. Each fruit has a wonderfully sweet yet rich flavour, with that unmistakable cherry tomato tang. It will produce around 12 fruits per truss, in a deep orange colour. Ideal for planters or containers in the greenhouse or patio, this cordon variety will also thrive in a sunny spot in your garden growing to heights of 200cm and with a spread of 50cm.

Utilise companion planting to deter aphids from your tomatoes by planting basil, chives, or mint alongside your crop. For Whitefly, French marigolds are a beneficial companion plant and will help deter this pest from your tomatoes.

Approximate number of seeds in packet: 20.