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Paper daisy chains

Paper Daisy Chains

Delightful daisies are dotted around our gardens and green spaces from early summer through to autumn. More than just a pretty flower, their bright yellow centres are especially helpful to bees and other pollinators. Making daisy chains is one of our favourite summer activities, but since it’s still a bit chilly outside, we can brighten up our home with some simple paper crafts


To get started, you’ll need:

  • 24 x strips of white paper (pre-cut into approx. 10cm lengths)
  • 9 x strips of green paper (pre-cut into approx. 10cm lengths)
  • 3 x pre-cut yellow or orange paper circles (approx. 5-7cm in diameter)
  • Glue stick
littleseedlings-daisychain-03 710x710.jpg

Now it’s time to get creative!

  • To make your daisy petals, bend each white paper strip until the ends meet. Attach them with glue
  • You should now have 24 petals, which you can divide into three piles of  8
  • For each daisy, take a paper circle and glue 8 petals evenly around it. You should now have three daisies
  • Take a green paper strip and loop it around a petal on one of your daisies, gluing the ends together
littleseedlings-daisychain-02 710x710.jpg
  • Loop the next green strip around the one you just made, gluing the ends again
  • Do this one more time, but loop your third green strip through a petal of your next daisy
  • Keep going until you’ve used all of your green strips and joined all of your daisies

We’d love to see your finished delightful daisy chain! Take a picture, tag us and share it by using #DobbiesLittleSeedlings

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