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Discover the joy of spring, brought to life in our brand new spring advertising campaign for 2021.

Spring campaign


Ready-to-go colour & texture

Spring campaign

Grow your own

Easy peas-y fruit & veg



All the essentials for success

Spring campaign

Outdoor living

Furnish your garden to its fullest

Spring campaign


Browse then brunch

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Gardening Tips for June

Gardening Tips for June

Now that summer is finally here and daylight hours are at their longest, the garden will be putting on an exuberant burst of growth and flower.


How to grow beautiful roses

Hardy and long lasting, roses are much loved for their glorious blooms. Some varieties are highly fragrant too.


How to plant a flowering pot

A quick easy and rewarding garden project that'll brighten up your outside space in an instant.


How to plant a herb pyramid

No matter what size your garden space, it’s easy to grow your own herbs to use for cooking, salads, BBQs and herbal teas.