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Discover the joy of spring, brought to life in our brand new spring advertising campaign for 2021.


Ready-to-go colour & texture

Grow your own

Easy peas-y fruit & veg


All the essentials for success

Outdoor living

Furnish your garden to its fullest


Browse then brunch

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Gardening Tips for May

May is a fabulous month in the garden! Trees and shrubs burst into leaf and flower, cottage garden plants fill borders with their exuberant growth.

How to plant a flowering pot

A quick easy and rewarding garden project that'll brighten up your outside space in an instant.

How to Plant an Acid Loving Plant in a Pot

A quick and easy garden project that will brighten up your outdoor space in an instant. Whether you choose a handsome acer with stunning foliage colour or an evergreen rhododendron with striking flowers.

Grow Your Own Strawberries

No matter how big or small your garden, this easy project is a great way to enjoy delicious home-grown strawberries and get all the family involved.