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Salad Leaves Stir Fry Mix Seeds

Product code: 624580


Aptly named, salad leaves Stir Fry Mixed is a hardy annual crop mix that can be harvested May through to November. Salad Leaves Stir Fry Mixed will add colours, tastes and textures to your stir fries, mixed salads, sandwiches and garnishes, and can also be used as a steamed or microwaved vegetable. Sow seeds regularly all the year round for a constant supply of nutritious salad leaves.

They are ideal when grown in containers on the patio and can be harvested in under 30 days during summer months. These vegetables provide a good source of provitamin A, vitamins C and K, and folate. The mixture contains Mizuna, Canton Pak Choy, Red Mustard, Teasel Greens and Cavolo Nero.

Approximate number of seeds in packet: 500