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Royal Canin Instinctive in Gravy 85g

Product code: 538430


Cats can be fussy, and often won't eat food if it isn't to their palatability - even when it's tailored to include the nutrients your cat needs. Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Instinctive Adult in gravy is formulated to match the optimal Macro Nutritional Profile instinctively preferred by adult cats.

 With carefully selected nutrients included for optimal palatability maximum scent and taste, the end product is a dish that your cat simply won't be able to resist. Thanks to the inclusion of a vast assortment of vitamins, minerals and amino acids (all needed to maintain general health and regular growth), your cat will be consuming a highly-digestible and nutritionally-balanced food. The combination of nutrients has not only been designed to be instinctively edible and nutritionally healthy, they've also been formulated to help your cat maintain an ideal weight and support a healthy urinary system.

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Instinctive Adult in gravy conta