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Planter Groove Ball Artifical Grass 15cm Green

Product code: 932167


Introducing our eco-friendly Capi Groove Ball Pot from the exclusive "Made with" collection, crafted from upcycled materials, each imbued with a unique colour sourced from specific residual streams. Experience sustainability in style with our range of pots made from textiles, sawdust, or artificial grass, each boasting its own unique story. This green pot is made with artificial grass, giving it a fresh green colour. Elevate your décor with a pot that not only enhances your space but also contributes to a greener planet.

Crafted with functionality in mind, this pot is 100% waterproof, ensuring durability for indoor use while seamlessly transitioning to outdoor settings with the option to easily drill drainage holes. Rest assured, our pot is built to last, backed by a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind. Inspired by the timeless beauty of natural formations, the Groove texture pays homage to the intricate patterns found in rocks and mountains.