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Monstera Deliciosa 21cm

Product code: 871593


Monstera deliciosa, a 1970s favourite, has made a comeback. It’s widely known as the Swiss cheese plant, due to the large holes in its lush, deeply cut leaves.

Monstera Deliciosa can get quite big and will appreciate support as it grows - give it a mossy pile to climb and tuck in the aerial roots.

The Monstera Deliciosa will add a tropical feel to your interior. As a tropical plant, it will thank you for misting its leaves regularly and wiping the dust off to keep them as green and glossy as possible. Position in a bright or partly shaded spot, with plenty of space as it can get quite large.

Please note that all our plants come in simple plastic pots unless otherwise stated in the product name. If you wish to pot yours up we do have a wide range of pots to choose from.