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Peter Rabbit

The history of Peter Rabbit™

So, where did one of the world’s most famous rabbits come from? Let’s take a look...


Adventures in nature that Peter Rabbit™ would love

One thing that Peter Rabbitloves is exploring gardens and nature. Here are a few ways you can follow in his footsteps and have even more fun in your own garden:

Peter Rabbit

Explore different habitats in your garden

There could be hundreds of animals that call your garden home

  • Use a magnifying glass to take a closer look at insects
  • Go on a hunt for frogspawn
  • Create a hedgehog highway

Mud kitchen fun

Rabbits love to dig. That’s how they make their homes, called burrows. You can also have fun with mud and soil by making your own mud kitchen

  • You just need some old pots, pans, wooden spoons, water, sand and soil
  • You’re the chef, so create whatever you want – a cake, soup or a mud pie!
Peter Rabbit

Foraging for flowers

Rabbits forage, but so can you. Foraging for flowers is easy, and you can do so much with them

  • Pick some flowers in your garden to brighten up your room
  • Dry them and create a collage
  • Make a flower crown

Peter Rabbit™’s favourite – radishes

Peter Rabbit™ really enjoyed the radishes in Mr. McGregor’s garden. But did you know that they’re also very easy to grow? They only need a little bit of space and grow very fast – it takes only 4-8 weeks before they’re ready to eat

There are 35 different types of radish with different colours, sizes and flavours. Let’s take a closer look at a few:



This radish has a rose-pink colour and the flavour isn't as strong as others


French Breakfast

They are a lot longer and are bright red with a white tip


Scarlet Globe

These radishes are very round and bright red



They are purple and taste sweet and peppery


Get busy in the garden

This activity has been designed by Grow2Know in partnership with The World of Peter Rabbit™ to celebrate Peter Rabbit's big birthday. You can watch this filmed activity and other ways to Grow With Peter Rabbit at home here: www.peterrabbit.com/grow-with-peter-rabbit