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As the days get longer and warmer, people will be thinking about what they want to grow in their garden this year. One of the most popular choices are tomatoes, so let’s find out why everyone loves them so much


A closer look at the tomato

Have you ever looked really closely at a tomato? There’s much more to them that you think. Check out our drawing below for some amazing facts


Knowing your tomatoes


  • They are firm, sweet, and juicy
  • They’re a good all-rounder – great for salads, grilling, baking, or frying
  • Top tip – Classic tomatoes grow best in a tomato grow bag


  • hey are small, sweet, and tender
  • As well as a tasty snack, they can be used in salads
  • Top tip – Place your cherry tomato plants somewhere that gets 4-6 hours of sun a day


  • They have a fleshy texture and a unique shape
  • Often used in pasta dishes or toppings for pizzas
  • Need more support due to the weight of the fruits being higher
  • Top tip – When planting, make sure you bury two thirds of the stem and remove any leaves that would be under the soil


  • They are large and meaty with a mild flavour
  • This makes them good for stuffing or baking whole
  • Top tip – Beef tomatoes will need deeper pots because they have larger roots than other tomatoes


Fruit or vegetable? That is the question

We can’t talk about tomatoes without looking at one of gardeners' biggest mysteries...are they a fruit or vegetable? Let’s try and solve the mystery together


biggest mysteries...are they a fruit or vegetable? Let’s try and solve the mystery together


  • A fruit is something that grows from the fertilised ovary of a flower – this is exactly how tomatoes grow
  • Scientists class them as a fruit because they have seeds inside them
  • Botanists also call them a fruit because of how they grow – they grow the same way as grapes or blueberries


  • Most fruits have a sweet taste, tomatoes have a more savoury taste
  • The United States supreme court decided to rule it as a vegetable to avoid tax
  • Chefs say they’re vegetables because of their flavour profile and they are served with other vegetables

So, what do you think, fruit or vegetable?

Whatever side you are on, there is one thing we can all agree on... they’re very tasty!

Ways to look after your tomatoes

  • Tomato plants ideally need 6 hours of direct sunlight per day to produce good sized fruits, but choose your location carefully
  • Water tomato plants regularly and evenly for best results. This also means the fruits are less likely to split
  • Good circulation of air will encourage stems to grow much stronger
  • Remove any older and dying lower leaves to reduce the risk of disease