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Pressed flower creations

With winter just around the corner, there are not many blooms left in our gardens. Here’s how you can make the final flowers last for longer.


For this activity, you'll need:

  • A variety of flower cuttings
  • A book
  • Something heavy
  • Paper sheets
  • Glue

Step 1: Choosing your blooms

  • Make sure the flowers are not wet when you pick them – it’s best to do this on a dry day
  • You’ll need a variety of colours and shapes – you’ll be surprised what is still about at this time of year
  • Look out for fuchsias, clematis, dahlias, cosmos, and asters
  • Don’t forget to pick some leaves and grasses too, they can make your design look even better
pressed flowers

Step 2: Pressing the flowers

  • As soon as you have your flowers, press them straight away so that they don’t start to wilt
  • Press each flower face down on the page, keeping them spaced out
  • Then add another layer of paper on top
  • Close the pages inside a book and leave them out of the way with a heavy object on top
  • Be patient – most flowers will take 2-4 weeks to press properly – you need to do this to make sure they will last
pressed flowers

Step 3: Creating a pattern

  • Once your flowers have dried, it’s time to get creative!
  • You could make a collage, a butterfly, a rainbow or your favourite animal – it’s up to you
  • Either glue them to a page to display, or you could add them to a glass frame to hang up

We’d love to see your colourful creations. Share a picture of your pressed flowers using #DobbiesLittleSeedlings and tag us.

Why not give your flower creation as a gift to a friend or family? It's a pretty bunch of flowers that they can enjoy for a long time!

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