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How To Create a Rustic Nordic Wonder Wreath



All you will need to create your Nordic Wonder wreath is a wired ring, floristry green wire, secateurs, real Conifer foliage to act as your base, faux foliage, and wired lights 

  • STEP 1 
    First, start by creating small bundles using your fresh Conifer foliage and then attach these to your wired ring using additional wire. Keep repeating this process until you have an even base. If you would only like to use faux stems, a great alternative is our Amber Foliage Garland.
  • STEP 2
    Once you have a base, it’s time to start adding in your faux stems. We used a mixture of Eucalyptus stems and Earth Eucalyptus to bring in warmer tones. Using wire to attach to your base, layer in your stems until you are happy with the overall shape and definition of your wreath. 
  • STEP 3
    Lastly, to create a Christmas glow, add wired lights to highlight all the gorgeous foliage, and let the warm tones shine through.

The faux foliage used: Eucalyptus, £6.99; Earth Eucalyptus, £9.99; Amber Foliage Garland, £15.99.