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Little seedlings

Garden Art

During autumn, gardens are full of colour and life! But as we move into the colder months, our gardens can become bare and dull. So, why not create some eye-catching garden art to inject colour into your garden this winter?

There are so many ways that we can create garden art. We can decorate plant pots, add colour using chalk, or use natural objects to create beautiful art pieces. The opportunities are endless!

Little seedlings

Natural Outdoor Art

Getting creative with arts and crafts is so exciting! And what better way to inspire creativity than by getting outdoors and exploring nature? Not only is it a lot of fun, but outdoor art is also good for our minds. Being outside is a great way to relax and it even helps us to focus. Here are some more reasons why doing art outdoors is so great:

  • It encourages us to play around with colour
  • It helps us to understand shadow and light
  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • It helps us to learn more about our natural world
  • It encourages us to appreciate the beauty of nature

Why not have a go at creating some garden art yourself? Check out our outdoor art activity here

What objects can you use to create art outdoors?

There are so many ways to get creative using nature. Some natural materials you can gather and use in your art include:

  • Sticks - Can you tie two sticks together using only natural materials?
  • Pebbles -How many can you balance on top of one another?
  • Leaves - How many different colours can you find?
  • Flowers - Can you press the petals to create a beautiful picture?
  • Bark - Can you make some bark rubbings using a tree, paper, and a crayon?
  • Mud - Can you paint a picture using mud?

You can use any other loose bits and bobs you can find lying around your garden. Collect a range of natural items and create a fabulous picture or sculpture. The beauty of having so much open space is that you can make your garden art as big or as small as you like! You could also use trees and other solid items like rocks as a base


Little seedlings


Another fun-filled way to create garden art is by recycling. Recycling is when things that are no longer wanted are reused to make something new.

Recycling is good because it means that we have less rubbish littering our world. This helps to protect animals and their homes by making sure less rubbish ends up in places like forests and seas. It also means fewer trees are cut down to make new things

What items can I reuse in the garden?

You can create awesome art from recycled items that you would otherwise throw away. They’re perfect to add pops of colour to your garden, while also helping the planet. Here are some ideas:

Little seedlings
  • Use old wooden spoons or wooden lollipop sticks to label your plants and veggies
  • Create an autumnal wreath by painting egg cartons and sticking them onto a paper plate
  • Turn an old pair of wellington boots into planters by filling them with soil and planting flowers
  • Paint some empty juice cartons and turn them into miniature gardens. Simply add some soil and seeds and place them in a sunny spot outside!
  • Turn an empty kitchen roll tube into a colourful bird feeder
  • Create a new plant pot from an old teapot (even better if it has a wacky pattern!)