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Let's talk houseplants

It's Houseplant Appreciation Day on the 10th January. The perfect time to learn more about the plants that we can invite into our homes to enjoy all year


Why are houseplants so popular?

Have you noticed more and more houseplants at home or in the shops? That’s because people have been buying and growing much more over the past couple of years. Here are a few reasons why…


They clean the air

  • Some houseplants are really good at cleaning the air in our homes – it’s helpful if you live in a busy city

A new hobby

  • Lots of people were bored in lockdown and wanted to try something new

They look great

  • Houseplants can make rooms more welcoming and cosier

They help you relax

  • Caring for houseplants can help you feel calm

Meet some of our favourite houseplants

Houseplants come in all shapes and sizes that have different needs for water, sunlight, and heat. Here are a few of the types you can look after in your home



Some houseplants grow flowers to add extra colour and beauty

Example: Peace Lily

Best spot: Away from bright light or any breezes, they grow best in bathrooms

Care tip: Make sure the soil is moist, not wet



These have thick fleshy skin that helps them hold water

Example: Aloe Vera

Best spot: Aloe Vera loves a sunny spot, and you can water it when the soil is completely dry

Care tip: They need very little water in winter



These plants don't have leaves, and some can grow flowers

Example: Cuddly Cactus

Best spot: They grow well in a sunny spot and don't need much water, especially in winter

Care tip: Plant your cactus in sandy soil



These plants don’t have flowers and help add texture

Example: Prayer plant

Best spot: Somewhere with low light as too much sun can make its leaves dull

Care tip: They are very thirsty and don't like dry air so water at least once a week


My houseplant care checklist

There can be lots of things to remember when you’re looking after houseplants. Here’s a helpful checklist to make it easier…

  • Water only when the soil is dry
  • Remove dead leaves or flowers
  • Fertilize them in spring
  • Check if the roots are too big for the pot – if they are, repot your plant
  • Use water to dust the leaves – this helps them get more light
  • Keep an eye out for pests
  • Keep turning your plant around if it’s at a window so it grows evenly