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Make your own sun catchers

Make your own sun catchers!

Did you know you can make your own colourful sun catcher to decorate your windows? It's a fun, creative activity for sunny days and a great way to brighten up your home. All you’ll need are a few simple supplies, and you’re ready to get creative!

Make your own sun catchers

To get started you'll need:

  • See-through plastic lids in different shapes and sizes (such as from jars or containers) 

  • Tissue paper in lots of colours 

  • Scissors 

  • A hole punch 

  • Craft glue

  • Some string or yarn 

Make your own sun catchers

Let's get crafty!

Step 1: Prepare the plastic lids 

Make sure the plastic lids are clean and dry. If there are any labels or sticky residue, ask a grown-up to help you remove them 

Step 2: Cut tissue paper

Take the tissue paper and cut it into small pieces or shapes. You can cut squares, circles, or any other fun shapes you like. Use a variety of colours to make your sun catchers vibrant and beautiful 

Make your own sun catchers

Step 3: Arrange the tissue paper 

Place the plastic lid on a flat surface, facing upward. Arrange the cut tissue paper pieces on top of the lid in any design or pattern you like 

Step 4: Glue the tissue paper

Apply a thin layer of glue or a glue stick on the plastic lid's surface. Carefully press the tissue paper pieces onto the glue, making sure they stick well. Let the glue dry completely

Make your own sun catchers

Step 5: Punch a hole  

When the glue is dry, ask a grown up to help you punch a hole near the edge of the plastic lid using a hole puncher. This is where you'll attach the string to hang your sun catcher 

Step 6: Attach the string 

Cut a piece of string or yarn of your desired length. Thread it through the hole you punched in the plastic lid and tie a knot at the end. Now your sun catcher is ready to be hung! 

Make your own sun catchers

Step 7: Find a sunny spot   

Take your completed sun catcher outside and find a sunny spot in your garden, porch, or window. Hang it up by the string, making sure it's secure 

Now, sit back and watch as the sunlight shines through the colourful tissue paper, creating beautiful patterns 

Share photos of your sun catchers using #DobbiesLittleSeedlings and tag us. We always love to see your creations


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