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Magnificent Microgreens

What are microgreens

Microgreens are little vegetables that are harvested just a week or two after seeding. There are over 100 varieties, including plants like red cabbage, spinach, coriander, broccoli and beetroot. They’re really easy to grow and full of healthy nutrients, making them perfect for budding gardeners and chefs

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Why are microgreens so popular?


Microgreens are really quick to grow at home, even on a windowsill. Despite being small, they are filled with goodness. They can also be used in all kinds of different ways when preparing a meal. Plus, they taste great

  • Microgreens are very popular in restaurants and cafés, where they are used as a ‘garnish’ to decorate food, add interesting flavours, and introduce different textures to a dish
  • As they are so quick and easy to grow, microgreens are also popular with gardeners who want to experiment with lots of different vegetable types in a short space of time

The plant lifecycle: from seed to maturity


As a plant grows, it transforms through various stages: from seed to sprouts, into microgreens, then baby greens, and finally into a mature plant. Microgreens are harvested after the plant has grown out of the sprout stage, but before it becomes a baby green


Microgreens vs. sprouts – what’s the difference?


Sometimes, it can be hard to tell the difference between sprouts and microgreens as they are so close to each other in the plant’s lifecycle. Here are five clues that can help

  • Sprouts can grow in water, but microgreens only grow in soil
  • Sprouts grow in 1-7 days but microgreens take longer, usually 7-14 days
  • Microgreens need plenty of air and light to grow, while sprouts can grow in the dark with little ventilation
  • Microgreens grow taller than sprouts. Sprouts can reach a height of 5-8cm, but microgreens will grow 10-18cm tall
  •  Sprouts only form small seed leaves, but microgreens form true leaves that are typically larger and greener than those of sprouts