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Grow cress in jars

Grow cress in jars

Hydroponics is a big word, but it’s a very simple idea – growing plants with water instead of soil. With this activity, you can have a go at growing your own cress plants and see just how easy it can be

Growing cress in jars

To get started you'll need:

  • A clean jar

  • Googly eyes or marker pen to decorate

  • Cotton wool balls or kitchen towel

  • Cress seeds

  • Water

Step 1

Let’s get growing!

Step 1:

Find a small glass jars or container. Make sure they are clean and dry

If you want, you can decorate the jars with googly eyes by sticking them on with glue. Or, you can use colourful marker pens to draw funny faces or designs on the jars. Let your creativity shine!

Step 2

Step 2:

Take some cotton wool or cotton pads and gently stuff them into the jars. Fill the jars about halfway

Step 3:

Sprinkle some cress seeds on top of the cotton wool. You don't need a lot of seeds; just a little sprinkle will do

Step 4

Step 4:

Using a small spoon, water the cotton wool and cress seeds gently. Be careful not to use too much water; you want the cotton to be damp, not soaking wet

Step 5

Step 5:

Place your jars in a sunny spot, like on a windowsill where they can get plenty of sunlight

Step 6:

Watch your cress grow. Make sure to keep the cotton wool damp by adding a little water every day if needed

Harvesting your cress

Harvesting your cress

In about a week, you'll notice that your cress has grown tall and green. When it's grown, you can harvest it by cutting it with scissors. It's ready to eat!

You can use the cress you've grown to add a tasty, peppery flavour to sandwiches or salads. It's healthy and delicious!

Remember to share photos of your homegrown cress using #DobbiesLittleSeedlings and remember to tag us!

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